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Protein Chemistry April 2015

Protein Chemistry is a section of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry at Leiden University. The section is headed by Prof. Dr. Marcellus Ubbink.

The research is aimed at understanding protein & nucleic acid structure, function and interactions. Particular interests comprise protein-protein interactions & enzyme function (Prof. Ubbink) and chromatin research, such as structure and function of nucleosomes (Dr. van Ingen) and biophysical aspects of protein - DNA interactions (Dr. Dame).

The section houses equipment for recombinant protein production and a variety biophysical characterisation methods.


Article published

Now online in Nature Reviews Microbiology our review on the interplay between chromatin and transcription in archaea.

E. Peeters, R.P.C. Driessen, F. Werner & R.T. Dame
The interplay between nucleoid organization and transcription in archaeal genomes
Nature Reviews Microbiology. 13(6), 333-341, 2015.


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June 11, 2015: Mini-symposium 'Bacterial genome organization & dynamics'

As kick-off for the HFSP program 'Unfolding the principles of genome folding and dynamics in bacteria' there will be a public mini-symposium with lectures by Remus Dame (LIC), David Grainger (University of Birmingham) and Dieter Heermann (University of Heidelberg).

Leiden University
Leiden Institute of Chemistry
Einsteinweg 55
Room: L144

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Remus Dame joins Protein Chemistry group

Dr Remus Dame and his coworkers have joined Protein Chemistry, expanding our research in protein - DNA interactions. Dr Dame uses in vitro and in cell techniques to study how proteins influence the physical and functional properties of DNA.

The website will be updated soon to accommodate the new research lines of Dr Dame and Dr van Ingen (see news item December 2, 2014).

KIEM project awarded

NWO has awarded a KIEM project to Prof. Marcellus Ubbink.

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