Welcome to Protein Chemistry
Protein Chemistry March 2014

Protein Chemistry is a section of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry at Leiden University. The section is headed by Prof. Dr. Marcellus Ubbink.

The research is aimed at understanding protein structure and function. Particular interests comprise protein-protein interactions & enzyme function (Prof. Ubbink), and drug discovery technologies (Dr. Siegal).

The section houses equipment for recombinant protein production and a variety biophysical characterisation methods and hosts the spin-out company ZoBio.


Science in Transition

Prof. Frank Miedema, a leading person in the new movement called Science in Transition, will speak in the Gorlaeus Laboratories on March 24, 2014 at 15:30 in lecture theatre C1.

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ECHO grant for Marcellus Ubbink

An ECHO grant has been awarded to Marcellus Ubbink for research in dynamic protein complexes. The project is aimed at manipulating a protein interface to change the encounter state of the complex. This state is the essential prelude to forming an active protein-protein complex. The project will elucidate how important electrostatic interactions are for homing in on the final binding site.

Arrival of the 850 MHz NMR spectrometer
Hard work....

On May 7 the NMR spectrometer was transported into the Gorlaeus NMR facility.

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NWO-Groot subsidy awarded for 850 MHz NMR spectrometer

NWO has funded our application for a powerful NMR spectrometer. The total investment is 3 million euros, with support from both NWO and Leiden University. The spectrometer will be the heart of a Facility for Paramagnetic NMR. This facility will offer not only access to the spectrometer but also help in the design of paramagnetic compounds, probes and proteins.

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18.5 miljoen euro voor grootschalige NMR onderzoeksfaciliteit

Het programma ‘uNMR-NL’, een project om een 1.2 GHz NMR spectrometer in Nederland te plaatsen voor chemisch onderzoek heeft 18,5 miljoen euro ontvangen om deze grootschalige faciliteit op te zetten. Dit wordt vanmiddag in Utrecht bekend gemaakt door staatssecretaris Zijlstra van OCW en Jos Engelen, voorzitter van NWO. De deelnemende partners stellen hun hoogstaande techniek, apparatuur en expertise beschikbaar voor andere onderzoekers in Nederland.

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